Sunday, February 27, 2011

Academy Awards

Since apparently I'm watching them...

It's been a long time since I watched the Oscars - I hardly ever see movies anymore, and I hardly ever see movies that get nominated for Academy Awards.  The show always seems to be, especially since 9/11, to be a forum for a preening, self-centered, self-righteous, morally depraved, Godless Hollywood to dress trampily, spew vile language and offensive political rhetoric, and generally mock average America. 

So why bother, right?

But I do like Anne Hathaway - she has such an old-world charm to her, and so I ended up tuning in just to see if she would live up to that in cohosting the Oscars.  She seems to be doing a good job.

I forget who it was from The Fighter, who felt the need to go on some "f--- rant."  I never understand this.  You get 45 seconds to say thank you and recognize co-artists and people you love, upon receiving your industry's highest award, and you need to show off by swearing?  My mother would be so embarrassed if I did that.  And besides, since when is vulgar language "edgy"?  What are you, in the seventh grade?

Kirk Douglas.  Awww...  What a sweet, sweet man.  Another throwback to the days of yore.  I love old men, especially the ones that are cute and flirty without being disgusting.  (See White, Betty.  An old woman, but still...)

Reese Witherspoon is simply delightful.  She always looks joyful, no matter what she's doing, even when she's playing an angry or sad role, there's just a heart, and soul, and playfulness that underlies her, almost an innocence, which is rare to find in town that I suspect does its level best to steal one's innocence on a near-daily basis.  The dress she wore tonight was stunning - very modest, absolutely gorgeous in that old-fashioned, formal way.  And her hair in a high, shiny ponytail.  She was - is - just classically beautiful.  And as she presented the award for...I don't even know what...there was no screwing around, being gross or vulgar, condescending to tasteless language or behavior.  She was just her captivating self.  She is, in every way, exquisite.

In other news, Matthew McConaughey is still hot. ;-)

Colleen Atwood, for Best Costume Design in Alice in Wonderland.  Hey look!  A woman who's not a size 2.  Of course, she's not onscreen, but still...  (For the record, not that anyone cares, I wear the same size clothing as Marilyn Monroe.)

Um, hello...who is that cute boy singing with Mandy Moore?

What are these "short films"?  Some of them look kind of interesting, but where does one find them to actually watch?  Oh hey, iTunes! 

Eew, Oprah.  I just switched over to Everybody Loves Raymond reruns.  I can't handle that woman.

Holy buckets, Peter.  Billy Crystal is getting old.  He's still cute and funny, though. 

Since when is Gwyneth Paltrow a country music singer?  Good call on Randy Newman, though.

I didn't know Lena Horne or Lynn Redgrave had died. 

I'm sure it's an honor to be chosen to host the Academy Awards.  But I would hate any job that made me change clothes as many times as Anne Hathaway has.

You know, the more I watch, the more it seems like "traditional" and "classy" are in for eveningwear this year.  Praise God!

Aww, I love the Lifetime Achievement Awards.  Back to when Hollywood was, well, a different place, it seems.  Eli Wallach was adorable in The Holiday.

Is Natalie Portman pregnant?  Well, she's adorable in that dress. 

Aww, Sandra Bullock.  Love her.  Again, such a classy, classy person.  And beautiful. 

I guess I'm going to have to see The King's Speech. 

All in all, not bad.  Now time to get ready for another week...

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Anonymous said...

So blessed that you posted a link to my blog. The Academy Awards are like the super bowl here in LA. You can't schedule any church events during it!

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