Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things About Today

Today was a superly-productive day, and I'm closing it by just feeling generally really good about things.  So, here's a list of what happened today - actually, in the last couple days, I guess...
  • Finished and turned in a kick-ass paper on the Holy Spirit.  Well, at least the intro and conclusion were kick-ass.  The middle part might not be so much.  Also, the whole thing was 6400 words.  It's been a long time since I wrote something that long.
  • Finished and turned in a final project for my Ministry with the Mentally Ill and Their Families class. 
  • Showered. (Trust me: Today, that counts as an accomplishment.)
  • Got several emails I'd been meaning to send, sent.
  • Organized a whole stack of mail and bills.
  • Bought a freaking adorable Creighton t-shirt.
  • Bought textbooks for the class I'm picking up the 2nd half of this semester.
  • Got something for myself off my Amazon Wishlist, since I was there anyway.  (The Guys and Dolls DVD.  Love, love, love that movie.  What girl wouldn't run off to Cuba with Marlon Brando?)
  • Got rejected from St. Louis U.  Well, that's the Jesuits for you, I guess.  Actually, it's ok.  It really wasn't my first choice.  Probably 2nd from the bottom, actually.
  • Got a letter from my Compassion daughter.  She's so adorable - I just love little kids!  
  • Realized that my insurance was being more reasonable than I first thought about my surgery.  
  • Drank a lot of tea. 
  • Started my annual ritual application of Jergens Natural Glow (which they have now added SPF to!).
  • Created a to-do list for the rest of the week.  
  • Had a couple really good conversations with friends.  
  • Skipped German class.  (I really had to get those papers done!)
  • Cleaned my room
  • Made hard-boiled eggs for breakfast
  • Remembered how much I like "reading for fun".  
So...that.  Yes.  Yay.

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