Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Is...

Getting so busy with decorating and "real life" that you forget to blog.  Or are too tired to do so. 

Either way, I'm back, and excited that I have some fun things to write about. 

Currently, all my decorations - including the live tree - are up and looking bee-yoo-tif-full!  Candles, lights, garland, the whole works. 

The Christmas Tree - successfully manuevered home from The Big City!

There's awesome woodwork around the entry to all the rooms in my house, and put garland up on the big entrance to the living room.  This is the "left half"...

This is the "right half."

Lighted garland up the staircase, and a big red bow (you can barely make out) on the banister (and a vase of fake Christmasy plants)

Garland on the woodwork leading from the dining room into the kitchen.  No lights on this one, because the placement of the outlets is somewhat prohibitive.

I love a house decorated perfectly for Christmas.  There's something about that Victorian (probably) myth of a perfect Christmas, but honestly, I think I would fit into 19th century England quite well.  Back when men were men, women were women, people went to church, and things were okay.  There was honor and dignity to this world.  Things were done right. 

Okay, well, except for all the orphans in the streets, the sheer amount of horrific poverty, and...okay, I'm out.  You know what would be an awesome Christmas?  Being married to one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement and hosting their Christmas party. I'm just fantasizing...

Oooh, look at this!  Ooh, and Christmas in the Dickens household!  Yeah, I was definitely born in the wrong era...

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