Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conspiracy Theories

In an article at Christianity Today, Christopher Hays explores "The Folly of Answering Fools," and basically says that when we get sucked into stupid debates with anti-Christians, we end up giving their arguments more credence, and more airtime, than they would get otherwise.  As the old saying goes, "Never wrestle with a pig.  You get dirty, and the pig likes it."  Or maybe, Hays seems to suggest, we just need to learn to engage differently - throw people off-track, if you will:
Another thought experiment: Imagine if a journalist called a Christian leader to ask about Brown's latest Rome-based conspiracy theory, and the leader said, "That's a pretty tame theory. The Bible's own conspiracy theory is much wilder. It says that God is plotting to overthrow every worldly power and establish his own rule once and for all. And the entire Christian church is in on it."
Hahaha.  This cracked me up.  I would love to say this to someone sometime.  Bottom line: Don't take people who don't know what they're talking about too seriously.  Truth will always win. 

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