Monday, December 12, 2011

Health Update

Surgery scheduled for January 27th.  Yay!

I mean...who wants to have surgery, right?  But...BC is clearly not an option for me, and the opposite of that, Lupron (take away ALL your hormones for 3-6 months and then slowly add them back in) sounds like an even worse idea.

So, general anesthesia, dive right in there and take a look at the stuff (since it doesn't show up on ultrasound, MR, or CT).  Laser off what is possible.  And go from there. 

My mom's coming to take care of me - excellent, totally what moms are for - and I've managed to schedule it when I still have another 10 days or so off from class before spring semester starts. 

Not super exciting, but at this point, if it gets rid of this pain, then I'm all for it.  Let's go.  45 days and counting. 

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Anonymous said...

Good luck!!

Hang in there until then!


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