Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book Review: Blessed are the Uncool

Blessed are the Uncool: Living Authentically in a World of Show, by Paul Grant.

Honestly, I didn't even finish this one.  It just got boring.  It's kind of the same old "emergent church" stuff - you have to not care about being cool, because Jesus isn't cool but he's better than cool.  With a side helping of "the history of cool, and how white people stole it from black people" thrown in for good measure.  Along with, "you should be not-racist, like me, the only white guy at a church full of black people.  See how not-cool and not-racist and totally-like-Jesus I am?"

It's not that Grant doesn't have a point, it's's been made before, this is not a particularly awesome rendering of the point, and I have better things to read.

So do you. 

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