Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tales of a Country Parson, Vol I

That said, while I'm not naturally a megachurch person, I also never thought I would be a very small, very rural church person.  And yet, here I am, on my internship.

I should note, first of all, that the fact that I am on internship at all is utterly bizarre.  I was never supposed to be getting my MDiv.  When I showed up at seminary two years ago, it was to get an MA in Educational Leadership, and I was going to...I don't know, write curriculum or something.  I was not, under any circumstances, going to be a pastor.

Well.  Throw a little Holy Spirit into the mix, and two years later, here I am on internship, and a detached-site one no less, which basically just means that my supervisor is 90 miles away and I am out here on the prairie all by myself.  I am "the pastor" at a 2-point parish.  I preach, I teach, I do baptisms and weddings and funerals. 

And I live in the parsonage.  Built in 1910, it's a 3 bedroom, absolutely incredible house.  It has a little front porch I can sit out on, and a separate dining room.  There's a little study area, and absolutely gorgeous woodwork.  I just moved in yesterday, and I love it!  I've spent the last two days getting settled in the house, and getting to know the area and the people.

I'm still lacking a little in the self-confidence department - I'm kind of out of my league here, but everyone here is really supportive.  My supervisor has actually been on vacation, but I will get to see him on Sunday, and then again all day on Tuesday, and that will help me too, just to get a basic framework.  So, time to get started!

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